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Our all American experience

Published on by Natalie Sands

It was the second time we were making the road trip from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon.¬†Only this time we weren’t staying at Bright Angel Lodge or any of the other hotels close by.

Hoover Dam Sunset

We did the usual stop off at the Hoover Dam but this time we got there as the sun was setting due to the short daylight hours so this time we booked a motel in Williams.On the way, we would grab a bite to eat. We thought about going to a Wendy’s but thankfully we missed the turning and had to drive further down the road.

Mr D's Diner

I say thankfully because we came across a diner. It was brightly lit and there was only another family of four inside. We weren’t sure but we were traveling, it was about adventure.

Mr D's Diner Panorama

We went inside Mr D’s Diner. It was exactly how you’d expect inside. Like the TV shows and the movies. The friendly waitress came to take our order. We all went for the burger and chips – we were told they were well known for their chips…fries sorry. FRIES.

We didn’t have to wait long until the best burger I’d ever eaten arrived. It came in the red basket. The burger wrapped in paper, the fries on the side. It was a simple burger – just salad, no sauce but it was delicious. And the fries – wow. I couldn’t put my finger on why they were so great but they were. I did know that they were probably a heart attack waiting to happen if we ate too many though. Our diner experience was over all too quickly and we were soon back on the road again.

I wasn’t looking forward to the motel. Stereotype told me that they were dingy, not pleasant and we may got shot. I know, I know…I love to travel. I shouldn’t take any notice of the movies but it played on the back of my mind.

It was late by the time we arrived. Around 11pm. We swift checked in. Stu and his brother went to get the cases while H and me went to explore the room. It was nothing like the movies. Not what I expected. I actually had one of the best nights sleep I’d had in a long time. I even fell asleep watching Saved By The Bell (we can’t get that in the UK anymore).

Grand Canyon Sunrise

The 5am alarm was far to early but we had to make it to the Grand Canyon for the sunrise. Later that day we had a Wendy’s and a Denny’s. They weren’t as good as Mr D’s and the motel though!


About Natalie Sands

Natalie loves writing about her travel adventures around the world. Writing has increased her hunger to travel more, see more, taste more, and simply try out new and exciting adventures with Stu. Adventures she has experienced includes snorkeling in Iceland, driving a Trabant in Berlin and bringing in the New year in Sydney. You can follow Nat on Google + or follow Wheres My Passport on Twitter, Facebook.

  1. If anything is worth getting up at 5 in the morning, it is the Grand Canyon!

    • It certainly is Peter! It’s horrible hearing the alarm going off so early but when you see that view you soon forget how early it is.

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