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Dancing Lions in Hong Kong

Published on by Natalie Sands

Hundreds of brightly coloured dragons and lions danced  their way from Canton Road, along to the Avenue of Stars on New Years Day. It happens on the first day of every year to try and break the Guinness World Record for the Largest Chinese Lion Dance. The parade is essential to any Chinese celebration or festival.

Dragon and Lion Parade

Victoria Harbour wasn’t quite as busy as the night before and we managed to get a good spot to watch quite easily. At 2pm we started to hear music and drums and it wasn’t long before we saw the brightly coloured dragons. Hundreds danced and jumped their way past us. All ages were taking part from the toddlers, to the elderly. Each one more energetic than the last. The dragons ranged from ones that were really long and took around 50 people to carry, to others that were just one person. The little dragons where the children wore the costumes was especially cute.

Lion Parade Costumes

It was our last day in Hong Kong and it was a really nice end to our adventure. We had never seen a dragon parade before and this one didn’t dissapoint and should you have the opportunity to see then we would highly recommend it. We are curious to see what the parade would be like for the Chinese new Year.

Here are some additional photos from the parade:

Orange Dragon on Parade


Two lions on parade

Lion and Dragon Parade

Lion Parade Hong Kong

Dragon brushing the audience

Blue Dragon on Parade

Hong Kong Lion

As you can see the colours are simply amazing! The energy of the dancing and drumming ensured the parade moved along at vibrant beat. If you have experienced a parade like this it would be great to hear your stories.

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