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Our Top 5 Travel Blogs

Published on by Stuart Howarth

I know a lot of top lists of blogs are based on traffic, posts and social profiles, so let me start off by saying that this post has absolutely zero science behind it what so-ever. The blogs mentioned below are simply our favorites, plain and simple.

1) Four Jandals

Follow Cole and Adela from new Zealand on their adventures around the world. They have been travelling since 2009 and have been to all corners of the globe. They are currently residing in Scotland and are using it as a base to see Europe before they move onto somewhere new. We love their style of writing and their dedication to travel and adventure. They have offered us a lot of advice and we had hoped to meet them at WTM 2012 but unfortunately it didn’t happen. Hopefully we will soon meet up and be able to swap stories over drink or two.


2) Tiny Iceland

Our amazing trip to Iceland was truly made with the help we received from Inga and her blog Tiny Iceland. Inga runs the blog to promote Iceland and its wide array of activities and beautiful landscapes. We met up with Inga twice during our trip. Once for a boozy night with the guys from A Six Pack of Stories and secondly to hunt for the Northern Lights, with success I might add. The wealth of knowledge she has about her home country is amazing and you couldn’t ask to meet a nicer person. If you are planning a trip to Iceland then you should definitely get in touch with her.


3) A Six Pack of Stories

Ran by four great people from Texas! Bryan, Jessica, Shades and Lindsey are similar to us in that they need to manage their work commitments whilst trying to travel as much as they possibly can. We met up with them in Iceland for a night that we will never forget (Especially the little trick to get some free beer on the wheel of fortune ;)). Its great to read a blog that is full of joy and laughter and they are such amazing people and we cannot wait to see them again on during their travels in 2013!


4) Don’t Ever Look back

Ran by Amy and Kieron, Don’t Ever Look Back followed them on their round the world adventure. Their Iceland posts were a huge help and they offered us a lot of advice on some of the places to go. Their RTW adventure came to an end and they had to return back to work but this hasn’t stopped their lust for travel and they are always going to new places and writing new stories.


5) GQ Trippin

This blog is ran by Gerard and Kieu who recently got engaged.. congratulations to them both. Last year they both quit their jobs and went on an amazing round the world trip and blogged about their travels along the way. Our blog takes a lot of inspiration from theirs and love reading their fun and quirky posts. They offer a lot of advice for people looking to do something similar and their cost breakdowns are worth a read. We particularly admire the photography within the site.


There are so many other great blogs out there so please feel free to share your own blog or your favorites in the comments.

About Stuart Howarth

Stu is the driving force behind most of the photography on Wheres My Passport. He has been traveling with Nat for over 10 years and loves to try out as many new adventures and activities as he can. His real passion while traveling however is capturing the moment through a camera lens either as a still image or as a timelapse video. You can follow Stu on Google + or follow Wheres My Passport on Twitter, Facebook.

  1. So glad we got to meet y’all in the most magical place on earth–Iceland! We love reading your blog! Keep it up! Cheers to making friends around the world!

  2. I’m so glad I got to meet you guys! Fantastic times and we sure were lucky seeing the Northern Lights. I look forward to follow your journey and collaborate more in the future. SKÁL from Iceland 😉

    • Likewise, Iceland is truly amazing and we cannot wait to return. Thank you for your hospitality it was fantastic and we look forward to meeting again soon.

  3. Awwww thanks 😉 Hopefully we will meet somewhere on the road in 2013!

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